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So, in an attempt to give myself an excuse to blog more (because I’m terrible at remembering to blog consistently!), I’ve signed up with the collaborative blog site Artificial Constructs (AC), which is a blog that specialises in such topics as culture, music, politics, current affairs, opinion pieces and other stuff. I’ll likely be doing cross-posting between the two blogs (plus A Right State! when it gets up), meaning that the audiences of all the blogs concerned will eventually see a boost. I’m not going to make any major posts anywhere until things have started to settle down for me life-wise, although I will probably add the odd comment on the AC website, like I currently do on Facebook or a lot of news outlets. In the meantime, while you wait for me to (eventually) make a post, check them out and also contribute either by commenting, or even signing up to be a contributor yourself, as they’re looking for them right now!

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