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…and no, it’s not me! One of my “fans” has decided to take it upon himself to rate every single one of my blog posts 1 star, claiming he did it as a favour to me. Yeah, right. I just thought I’d mention it, seeing as it’s basically on every single blog post; this one will probably get marked soon as well.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted a proper update, and it’s probably not going to be this one either, though I do have a few things to say. First of all, everything is all nicely up to date now, which is always important to do. Secondly, I’ve disengaged my Twitter to Facebook link in order for me to tweet more often. I have retained my Facebook to Twitter link and have accordingly moved the post notifications over to Facebook instead, which will push it on to Twitter. As soon as is feasible, I also need to find a widget/plugin that allows me to put my tweets back onto my blog, so they can be shared. Additionally, I’ve also signed myself up to something called XeeMe, which collates all my social network profiles in a single place…. it’s a something I’ve needed a while to be honest, as I now know exactly where I am everywhere.

I’m going to be getting my new PC from next week, or I hope I will be anyway, so I’ll be able to get back into gaming, and finally doing some Let’s Plays (Played Up), or at least the beginnings of some! The only bugger right now is that because I’ve switched over completely to a 64 Bit version of Windows 7 (I’m not keen on Windows 8!), I’m gonna have to do some fiddling in order to get older applications to work, though luckily I know how so there shouldn’t be too many issues. Either way, I expect this to make things take off for me in a big way. I’ll show the specs later on, but I can say that they are pretty nice, plus the system is silent, and the case is massive; I’m thoroughly impressed with what the guy who built the PC has done!

As a matter of interest, those Let’s Plays will instead be moved over to my personal account, as I don’t want to have to faff about with 20 million YouTube accounts. That said however, it’ll likely be that with Blip it’ll be on a dedicated Stormhaven Nexus account, along with all the other shows, like the DiggerFeast and anything else that will be associated with Stormhaven Media, Gamed Up, etc. There will be a dedicated blog for each show though, and as Played Up will be done by different people, it will just link to the videos on the person’s YouTube account instead, which I think is much cleaner, and also keeps things more secure.

For now, that’s about it, though I am still hoping to eventually move this blog over to a new space; the businesses will also have a dedicated multi-blog now, in the same vein as Xeno Storm will have. Also, the new system of mostly UK domains will continue as well. I also want to try to get the new run of the DiggerFeast started too, as I’m now taking it to the next level in a way, although sadly it has to remain with the old video camera due to technical issues. There will at least be some new people, new locations and better production values though!

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