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So yeah, I’m looking for some files and I stumbled across this little tidbit which I had planned for a blog, but I never finished it, plus I couldn’t think of a beginning… either way I’ll post it now. It is in relation to my fixation on Mario Paint a couple years back…


[Mario Paint Creator] (Michael Jackson – Thriller) (Funkytown)

Here are some game music links (in order to not flood out this post with nothing but vids!) to other videos that I liked: (Super Mario Bros 1 – Castle Theme) (SMB Theme) (Sonic: Green Hill Zone) (FF3 (Jap) Random Battle) (FF7 Boss Music) (FF7 Opening Music/Bombing Mission) (FF7 Battle Music – Okay, I’ll stop with the FF7 music now) (Tetris – If you have never heard of Tetris, you’re obviously in the wrong blog mate!)

I’m aware that they’re all songs from games that everyone will know, but that’s the point; you can compare them to the originals easier that way. I personally think they’re all impressive. There’s plenty more out there too… comment with your faves.

Here’s a few other songs not related to games: (Muppet Show Theme) (Haddaway – What is Love?) (Genesis – Land of Confusion) (Disturbed – Shout 2000) (Darude – Sandstorm)

I think “What is Love?” is pure awesomeness, and like Funkytown, catches the essence of the song perfectly. Funkytown is by far the best though. I’m gonna stop posting links now, before I post too many! I wouldn’t mind trying to make my own music sometime though, would be pretty cool, I think.
Anyway, his is part of an actual MSN chat which took place when I showed Spoofy (Sean) the Funkytown video on YT:

Spoofy: hahahahahahah
Stormkeeper: lol, it’s brilliant, isn’t it?
Spoofy: yeah
Stormkeeper: I’m prolly gonna blog about MPC in my blog
Spoofy: the whole meow thing makes it!
Stormkeeper: Yes! More meowbell! >.>
Spoofy: lmao
Stormkeeper: I have to listen to it again… it’s like audiocrack >.>
Spoofy: lol i already tweeted it ^_^
Stormkeeper: lol, I should do the same!

Sometimes, I think I am too random for my own good.


So yeah, not really complete as far as things go, but I may as well post it up, before I forget it again… I might have a listen to some of them again, so I can indeed have more meowbell 😉

At some point I’ll post up a proper blog entry, but everything has been so much all over the place that I’ve been easily distracted… I suppose adjusting to 2 jobs doesn’t help matters much. Still, I’ll be glad when I move everything over to the new system… I managed to find another way to save myself a lot. But heh, it seems that what I was looking for mostly isn’t even on this computer… go figure! It’s probably on another hard drive, knowing my luck! Still, I suppose I should start getting rid of crap I don’t actually need, and also start uploading documents to Google Apps!

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